Feel the real hunger with the game "". Now, you will feel yourself in the place of cavemen who move very fast up the evolutionary ladder. "" is a new multiplayer online game, a mixture of Maincraft, "" and several other games of this genre. Your character will be a bizarre little man, who will run through the forest in search of food. In the lower left corner there are three bands of different colors. The green band is life, red is food, blue is cold. As soon as the bands begin to decrease, it means that you need to replenish the food, health and heat reserves. To get food, you have to look for and pick berries. Try to dump some trees to get a wooden pickaxe. With it, you can kill rabbits and collect meat. Continue to chop trees and collect firewood. Then you will have the opportunity to kindle bonfires to keep warm and fry the meat. Also, do not forget that there will be a lot of competitors around who will try to destroy you. Try to avoid them. When the night falls the animals in the forest become more and more, especially wolves. To avoid falling into the predator's teeth, you need to avoid them until you have a stone weapon. For this you need to collect stones. When, you get a sword, then you can safely receive wolf meat. Also, after receiving a stone weapon, you will get the opportunity to mine gold, and then diamonds. Ahead is a hard way to survive and evolve. Enjoy the game and good luck!