In all games of this category, the main goal is to grab as much as possible a large piece of land. And the square-cubic world "" is arranged on the same principles. You again get a character - such a little cubic, but snappy snake. From others you distinguish it in color - they are all different colors. Similarly, the trail of the creeping character is painted. You must control the movement of the snake using WASD or arrows. Unlike other games, you do not have to fatten your snake, it is important not to grow your own giant, but to replenish your territory with an additional site. The seizure of territories is relatively peaceful - your snake creeps, leaving a color trail. All that was inside is now yours.

How to play?

Correctly direct the character - to crawl along a straight line does not make sense. It is necessary to return to your site, describing the semicircle. The wider the covered piece of the card, the more points you get. But at the same time, the higher the risk - your rivals will also not sit still. So, there are possible collisions and here the most successful and calculating survive. Try not to collide with others and move along a safe path.