Mope.Io is significantly different from all io games for the better. For example, if you put Mope.Io on the scales with a similar, much earlier creation of Agario, then, of course, the famous ancestor will lose a lot in weight. In Agario, there are quite a few tactical moves, more than anywhere else in his ioclones, but in Mope.Io just do not count, tactics can be invented on the go, change it every 10 minutes, depending on the new conditions. With the advent of Mope.Io old-fashioned and boring to become the main thing we did in Agario and Slyterio. In these games, we are fat, gaining weight and weight of the players was the main trump card. In the new concept, the mass is absolutely unclaimed parameter. Remember how it was boring to overeat, picking up the remains of your own players, chasing them, scrolling in a death dance around the victim in the same "sinterio" without a chat? It seems like a network game with live people, but all are silent. And now in Mope.Io finally we can fill our need for communication. We can sometimes stop and even talk with who we intend to eat.

You have to go through a whole chain of reincarnations in the animal world, where you will go with the game Mope.Io. Starting your journey with a small mouse, you can gradually transform into a dragon, which does not need to hide in holes or run away with all the strength from another hungry beast. But career growth to the level of "untouchable" is not inherited, it can not be won or bought, you have to earn it - run a lot, run away, attack and think, and it's fun and fun. In order not to write volume-instructions, let's just write in the theses, write about those things that any novice in this game needs to know.