The game MooMoo. io is a novelty from io games, for boys who love strategy, create your own farm and protect it from enemy attacks. To begin construction and subsequent improvement of their village, it is necessary to collect resources: stones and firewood. Use them to build walls to defend against enemies and windmills, from which the points will be credited. Plant fruit trees - they will be needed for food and restoring vitality. At the same time, be vigilant and cautious - at any moment a battle in the forest can begin, everywhere enemies are striding, who are striving to attack. It is not necessary, in search of resources to move far from their possessions, in time to protect the farm buildings in time and repulse the attack. In the game, Mumu IO develop and improve your buildings, occupying an ever larger territory.


WASD or arrows - move

Spacebar or left mouse button - to attack

Figures 1 to 9 - selection of elements