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The game "Hide.Io" is perhaps a unique kind of gaming project in which players can go as an arrow or become an ordinary victim and then other guys will be actively hunting to finish off the gamer. Developers have introduced multi-user support here to have the opportunity to compete with real people, and not with bots, which is often found in 3D shooters. It is worth noting that the concept is not at all original and will have to get used to the non-standard gameplay a little.

How to play Hide.Io?

At the place of the fighter, you need to search for hidden items and destroy them, but if you have to take things into account, then quickly search for a good place to hide from the infuriated warriors. You can register to register an alias, but you can also access incognito mode.

Control: key : E allows you to reincarnate in another subject, space - jump, shooting - left click, movement - keys WASD