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Welcome to the world of war and hot battles in the world "". "" is a multiplayer online browser game where your opponents will be players from all over the world and you will be able to fight with them in real time. Before you rush into the thick of the battle, you need to decide on your nickname and enter it.

First, your character will be a caveman who is armed with a small wooden baton. While you are at the initial stage, you need to collect experience in the form of multi-colored grains, which is scattered throughout the game map. Also, do not get into a fight with other players, until you are only at the first level. Once you sufficiently raise your level, then your character transforms into a viking, a musketeer, a ninja, a samurai and so on. Then you can enter into battle with other players. To grow faster, you should turn off the application with ad blocking and your hero will grow much faster and grow stronger. To take the lead in the top sheet you need to destroy a large number of enemies and maximize your level. Enjoy the game and good luck!