Welcome to the "". this game is a super popular multiplayer game product. This follower has collected so many fans and fans that it is almost impossible to imagine. Here you can play with a person who is located anywhere in the world. The essence of "" is that you will play a small tank, which will ride the game field with different geometric shapes. You should destroy these figures with the help of the charges that your tank fires. You must shoot them all in order to pump and increase your level. Your level is in the lower block of the game in the form of a yellow ribbon. The higher your level, the higher the level of pumping. Having earned enough levels, you can pump eight categories of your tank: regeneration of health, maximum health, damage to the body, speed of projectiles, permeability, projectile damage force, recharge and speed. During the pumping of all categories, you can improve your tank. You can increase the number of trunks. This will give you an advantage among the new and scorched players. To rise to the top of the game, you must destroy enemy tanks. The more tanks you remove, the higher you climb. The world "" is waiting for you! Good luck!