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Description: - try to survive in a huge and dangerous forest. Each player needs to last as long as possible. But this is not easy to do, because apart from the usual hostility between people, there are three additional parameters on which the character's life depends. The two most important of them are warmth and food. At night, the game characters will freeze constantly, and to warm up, you will have to find a fire and stay for a while with him. For the extraction of food, it is necessary to look for animals, from which it is possible to collect several useful things, including meat. In addition, you have health. It will be taken away from every attack of your opponents. Other players here can not be trusted: they can at any time get an ax and attack you. To survive, you will have to create different items. The game has an advanced system of crafting things. And also there are useful abilities that will make your character a little stronger and more enduring.


W A S D - move

M - map

Shift - escape

E - activate

C - open the crafting menu