There was a free time and there is a desire to cheer up something bright, dynamic and not straining? Then you are waiting for a colored ball and many ready-to-fight rivals. After all, everyone wants to get on the list of winners! The extensive playing field is filled with balls. Managed by different players. Each strive to accomplish the task - pushes opponents and clears for themselves free space. The winner will be the last player left on the field.
How to play?
Registration is not required, there is still a guest option. Advantages of the registered player: the opportunity to invite someone, you create your own new rooms and can thoroughly pump your ball. For the game prepared 34 cards with the choice of any you like. It is difficult to play - most of the constructions of any size and type are mobile. Therefore, you need a good reaction and dexterity, otherwise the ball will die, hitting the "press". Use "weighting" not to let you be thrown out of the map. Its effect lasts literally a second. To successfully push out rivals requires a certain skill - they will resist. Gradually, you will master all the little secrets of the game.